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DNA Simon is a unique app that combines the classic memory game Simon with learning about biology in a simple, fun environment.

  • "So addicting...I can't stop playing." - Lauren N.
  • "I love seeing myself at the top of the leaderboard." - Ryan M.
  • "I didn't know biology could be so fun." - Jessica C.

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    Addicting Gameplay

    Simple gameplay - just watch the pattern then repeat it and continue that process as the pattern grows.

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    Google Play Integration

    Instead of sending screen shots, your scores automatically get displayed on the Google+ wide leaderboards (No Pressure).

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    No Random Sequences

    Instead of randomly generating sequences for DNA Simon, they're the genome of actual organisms.

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    Power-ups help you take the game to the next level. Each time you play a round, your score is added to your balance which can be redeemed for game changing power-ups.